It's not a great trainer who can cause a horse to perform; a great trainer will cause a horse to want to perform.”

— Monty Roberts

Mikki Daniel Equestrian Training

CowPunch Ponies is a Natural Horsemanship-based horse training company located in Catron County, New Mexico. 


Cowpunch Ponies starts colts and yearlings, put miles on young horses that just need some saddle time, and/or work with problem horses, all for a minimum of 90 days. We also have experience with mules.

We ride in buckaroo wades, start in bosals and mecates, and ride with soft hands and verbal cues. (Depending on amount of time spent with us), our horses leave with a thorough understanding and ability to work 100% off of leg/seat pressure, and will whoa off of you adjustment of your seat (sitting back). No need to pull them left or right, or yank to get a whoa. We utilize natural horsemanship and vaquero methods.

We offer a few pricing packages if you are intested in sending a horse for 3+ months. Our monthly fee does not include board. This may not seem normal, but the kind of time we spending horseback daily make it more than worth it. We can be found horseback anwhere from 8-15 hours a day. This type of committment is crucial to the making of a solid ranch horse, and the amount of hours we invest is fairly unique to us. 

We train because we love it, and, unlike many trainers who promise big but are too busy, we never have more than four horses a piece/month. Your equine will experience everything from cow/calf, trail riding, endurance, hunting, rugged terrain, arena work, trailering, and more. Daily exposure to cattle, dogs, fowl, elk, 4-wheelers, automotive noise/bustle, and kids.

With the understanding that every horse is different, we hold our equine-in-training to high standards and build confidence, balance, trust, and a good relationship with them in effort to help them discover a confidence in themselves.

We don't "break" horses. We build them!

Foundation before specialization! ”

— Pat Parelli

Before and after.

Before and after.

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