Fourth Quarter Newsletter 2015

     First of all, I’d like to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  

I can hardly believe a whole year has already passed since I sent out my first quarter newsletter. I feel as though time truly has flown this…

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Third Quarter Newsletter 2015

I'm graduated.... 

The reality of that fact still hasn't quite settled in, even now, months later. I am still taking a few courses, though, so it helps make life seem normal. Education should never end. Even as much fun…

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Second Quarter Newsletter 2015

"Rain...lots of rain."
That's what I think of when I take time to recall the months of April and May. Much needed rain became the rain of over-abundance. It was coming so fast, it flooded everywhere around us. We definitely…Read more

First Quarter Newsletter 2015

Wow, it's been a long time! I'm SOOOO sorry about that...time really has flown! I am waaay overdue for my first quarter newsletter for 2015, so let's go all the way back to January so I can tell y'all a…Read more

Fourth Quarter Newsletter 2014

Oh, my! I can hardly believe the year 2014 has sped past so quickly. I haven't sent out a newsletter since September and a lot has happened!

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Third Quarter Newsletter 2014

Howdy, Y'all!
I can't believe once again I am late getting out my newsletter! it is already past the end of the third quarter!!
This year is moving so fast! :-)

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Second Quarter Newsletter 2014

I might as well dive right in and tell y’all the big news! I’m so honored to announce that my debut CD, “Gotta Be A Cowgirl”, won the New Horizons Wrangler Award for 2014!

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First Quarter Newsletter 2014


How time flies! It has been too long, again, since I updated you on what I have been doing! So much has happened! Last time I sent a newsletter, (early December), Mom and I were about to…Read more